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Need For Panic is an astranged group of talented musicinas but one from the New England Area, the bands style of music tends to lean towards a medium paced hard rock approach with a jazzy bass line, poppin drum beats and rippin guitar melodys. We are definatley not grindcore.

news 1/15 - now!

all killer no tella

well, funny story actually, apparantly Brian, our lead vocals, has QUIT the band, for reasons? I dont know but this sucks and so does he and im pissed and the bands pissed! but who the fuck cares right?

singing in birdie!

new singer? two andys? not sure yet, working on new songs with jazz on the side? oh yeah! The md Semi is coming up so you guys should go! haha. Anyway we are taking 1.5 weeks off from the band to write new stuff and everything nice, so well be black i mean back in no time at all!




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Killer Andy


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