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Welcome,  ... to the home of Need for Panic, a New Hampshire ROCK band. Please read the shows section to see when we are scheduled to play! If you want us to play see the INFO section!

news 1:20:02

new layout for the site, do you like it? hate it? despise it? tell us! tons of new sections, plus logos lyrics articles pics. weeeeeee.

2 much news

Working on a new song, "new song #1", it sounds really great, the bands approval. We might have old brian back in the band, :: not sure ::. We took new pics of the band chillin, so check out the new pics section!

coool new logo n stuff

check out the shows section for shows, and the new logo is like right there, entitled american enough. kind of ironic, dont you think?

singing in birdie!

new singer? two andys? not sure yet, working on new songs with jazz on the side? oh yeah! The md Semi is coming up so you guys should go! haha. Anyway we are taking 1.5 weeks off from the band to write new stuff and everything nice, so well be black i mean back in no time at all!



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more sections coming soon, check back!

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