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Chicks and Horses
by Killer Andy

I'm not going to take credit for this theory, because I saw this on TLC once, and I think everyone needs to hear this.

This has to do with how women have evolved. If women evolve behavior that attracts them to big, strong men, their chances of staying in the physical world long enough to bear offspring are greatly increased, because big, strong men are better equipped to perform their end of tasks in the male/female symbiotic relationship. (that was a long run-on sentence. oh well) Anyway, it makes sense, right?

When girls develop into women, this behavior becomes more predominant. At the same time, horses are big, strong animals, JUST LIKE US (men). This explains why girls like horses even moreso when they become adolescents. So. If you're a big, strong guy and chicks are all over you, don't let it go to your head. Horses and sex toys can replace you like *snap* that.



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Killer Andy


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