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news 28.01: Big Stuff is going on right now......TSC has parted ways with it's first guitarist Dave. We are still friends and everything, we just decided it wasn't working out. We have replaced him with Matt Drew. Also we have two pretty big shows coming up both at the Hot Couch. The first one is with 5 Bucks!. For more info check out the "shows" section. That's all--Shane

news 01.16 We have added a second guitarist to the lineup. The new guitarist is Tristan Oman. He used to be our manager and is friends with the band. He also use to be in THE BUFF ROADIES! The show on the 12th went well and we are hoping to get a couple more shows within a month or so. Also there may be a new webpage soon. Thats about it.--Shane

news 01.01 Happy New Years everyone! We had our first show the other night at Hot Couch and it went pretty well. We have a second guitarist now, Tristan Oman. We are looking to get a couple shows within the next month or so. Thats about it for now...Thanks --Shane

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Other Current and Past Shows


DATE: 2/1/02
Where: Hot Couch (Elm St.), Manchester, NH
Time: 7:00?
Other Bands:5 Bucks!, Marc Flynn
Other Info:This is a Teen Art Center, no smoking or drinking and all that junk. This show is Free!