The Stompin Charlies would like to thank::


My Aunt for letting me get into so much trouble, My dog Mariah,Thumpin' Charlie,My best friends and bandmates;Dave, Tom and Shane,. Thanks to Sonia & Izak, All my family,The Hooksett PD (ya right!), Mr. Dolan & Rachel Dolan for not participating in the restraining order, even though Kathy does, Walter & Daniel Andrews, J.T., Mr Wyman "Its Bleeviee!", Big Ben, Brennan, Whitey, My new girl Amanda, PAPA, NANA, Hooksett, NH, Hot Couch, and any other mother f*ckers I may have forgotten!

I would like to thank my friends...cause you guys all rule, My band for being the best bandmembers I've ever had, Any and all of our fans, we know theres a couple out there, our #1 fan Kristin Connoly, HTown for being the best town there could be,Mr. Wyman ("Mr. Treasurer"), "The Click" (Nick Steve, Kristin, Alicia), My family for letting me play in the house loudly, the underground scene in NH for inspiring me to make this band, All the bands I love , and last but not least...all the girls out there...especially my wonderful girlfriend the Kaylanater


more to come.