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02.08.02 this week was a low point in my life, but also showed me many things about who i am. Heres how it went.... I got my report card and a gpa of 2.6, so i blamed it on my parents seperation and felt like shit b/c i know that i suck and that its no excuse for me too slack of in school. I also had the worst feeling today, after getting a 47 on my math test, my teaching denying me too advncd. math lv.3, my music teahcer blowing up at me and to top it off i got 20$ less in my pay check, and a five year old hit me in the face with a stuffed animal. The my finger got injured, and my back, plus the throbbing migraines.. Anyway after hanging out w/ my friends i got over it. And was like FUCK! and had a good ending to this extremely baaaad day