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Music Night is still in the process of being reformed, We are not scheduling any bands right now but will be accepting tapes/cds/lyrics etc to play later on. You can come in and ask about it if your concerned, but otherwise stay tuned for more info. If you are in a band and would like to play please drop of a demo/cd, sheet of all your lyrics, and a way that we can contact you buy, to the hotcouch. Or you can send them to us. Here is our mailing adress:

Music Night Commitee
972 Elm St.
Manchester NH 03101


what is the hotcouch?

The idea of creating an "Teen Art Center" in Manchester, New Hampshire was initially to provide the community with an alternative to other less constructive activities such as drugs and alcohol. But its more than that. The "Art Center" is a place for the imagination. You create your own reality.
A working Artist studio after school program designed for students by students. The nature of this program is based on student owneship with guidance nd expertise given by professional artists and other adults as mentors from the community. Students will be trained in areas of conflict resolution, leadership, effective communication, group process, etc., to prepare them for the challenges of creating an effective program. Everything from the name to the design to the activities and special events should include input and consideration from you. The student board of directors will meet once a week to plan coffeehouses and community projects. You will have the chance to work with some amazing proffessional artists and experiance putting your own creativity into action!

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