Welcome To Nordic Storm, we are a local dealer of pins stickers and other local music items, please check out the pins section, which is what we mainly participate in making, and our other sections, we are always making deals and stuff like that so keep checking back! We are also in the works of getting a hold of a t-shirt press, and will soon have avaible, custom pressed t-shirts as always cheaper than anywhere else.

// News //

The New site is up, we are in business and ready to start making pins and such, if you would like to have us make your band pins please see custom pins under pin designs, if you have any questions or complaints or somments you can send them to ( cromagskinhead@hotmail.com )

Still working on the site, the layout is done, now we work on imaging and other pages, we still are waiting to recieve the pin images, as soon as we get them we will post them. Meanwhile, the logo has been updated the slogan has been updated, the splash scren has been updated, along with the css stylings and the scroll bars, and coloring, and the frames. Just a couple updates , well be up really soon..

This is the beta version of Nordic Storm, we will be working diligently with Calvin C. to help get this site up and running as soon as possible. Please feel free to email the designers of this site at ( shallow2040@yahoo.com ) We hope to be setting up a mailing list also to let users know of special deals and offers, just an idea.!!






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