A collection of thoughts and literature by M. Lacourse

Welcome To Npfap.cjb.net, this site is to show all my writings and thoughts and what not, so sign my dreambook and thanks to everyone for the positive remarks about this site, which im working on a lot, and thanks Andy, for proving a point that it is relieving to work on web sites, i dont know why, ahhh, the life, the life.

What the hell have i been doing? working on a new site::..
check it out


Lately, its been calmaround my life, ive got a stong load of school work coming up forshadowing early progress reports this week. Would you believe in love at first site? It feels like madness, I need a little help from my friends. (- yes it is.)

Hey everyone, its almost the holiday season, joy. I wonder if its just me or everyone seems to be feeling extremely shitty lately? ah whatever, i added "seventy" a song i wrote a while ago (today) yeah i do that. Give me suggestions on the site someone, before i die, and go to hell, oh wait, im already there.

life above, beyond, respond, condiscending, figure it, for yourself, yourslef, you own, independent, freedom?, termoil., regret, stage, life, exhale, relief, worry, longer, shorter, wrong conclusion, chaos, love, deeply, life - in stereo.

I wrote new stuff, very emotional, awful things. But i was listening to Dashboard Confeesional lately and they make a lot of sense, its calms me up. Whatever that would mean. September and Theory Of Regret Are playing At Hotcouch: Teen arts Center on Saturday the 1st of December. Go see them play, its free and will be good.

Hey everyone, this is mike, i just wanted to say the my life is pretty "ok", I realized im so stupid because im too irradic, and others stuff. But anyway im working on some new acoustic stuff that sounds really good, so sometime in the near future ill have download or something, and sign my damn guest book.

This page was designed to let people know what im thinking, all the thoughts that run through my head all the time, its about done, the links section is almost up, if you want your link on this website email me.

When you say people suck at doing something, it makes them feel like shit, when you stereotype people, it makes them feel like shit, when you treat people like shit, they feel like SHIT.


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