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Please email us at shallow2040@yahoo.com, if you would like to ask any questions or book us, anything.

Old News::

New Years Day Not Far Away

The new year is well on its way, the band is working on a new set full of excitement and aggression. We are in the process of recruting, so check back for developments.

Minsky To Come?

a new singer, in an unfortunate accident the old singer Brian has not been wthholding his promises to attend rehearsel, therefore we are looking to a new vocalist. His name, they call him Minsky, hes a punk sort of nofx singer, hopefully the situation will resolve.

New Place To Play!

We moved from the cold garage of our drummer to the home of our lead guitarists, mike. We are no longer a garage band! sweet. But anyway this new warmer practice area gives us an easier and more effecient time to practice.

New Cool Band Logography To Come

We are in the process of getting pictures and buffing out our mediocrity, so we came up with this --_logo1_--
it is a nice little pic, at least i think so. Anyway well have pics of the members of the band up shortly, so chill out.




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