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Those Years:: remember the times that we were together, remember the times that we said forever, always there with a hand to lend, we always thought it would never end. it couldnt have been so long ago, the neverending days in the cold white snow, when the world seemed to go away, every minute with you was a brand new day.
in those last few moments i couldnt live without you, now that i look i see that i had too, the love that i felt somehow got destroyed, the promise i broke i couldnt take any more

Idiots Guide:: what happened to the light, eveythyings been so dark for as long as i can remember, happiness, whats that feeling like? its cold in here my eyes are sore, i cant remember why im crying anymore. so take all your hopes and dreams and throw them all away, you have been defeated by your own tragic mind, life could have been beutiful but its all ruined now, theres no point in living you useless waste of space. i cant get out of bed anymore, whats the point theres nothing to look forward to. love, what does that feel like? my face is pale my hands are numb, im sinking more more.

alright:: everyday and everynight, i always dream that you are by my side, oh baby everyday and everynight, cause i know everythings gonna be alright. And Maybe ill see you, around this place sometime, and we could be together. And we'll be so happy....

Amys Song::amy, i wrote this song for you, all these lines ive had to rehearse, steal my feeling, never the worse, i cant see what i see in you, to my heart youll never be true.... amy, why dont you see me, for what i am inside
instead you see right through me, but you cant see these tears i cry. why am i such a fool, cant understand what you put me through, amy we wrote this song for you. lets forget the past and live the future, before you break my heart again, if you only knew how much we loved her, and that i cant live without her.

sorry:: never felt the time pass slower, it must be cause im thinking of you, i turn away and i cant look back now, how could have let this happen i never knew, never could let it just go away , always needed someone to blame, i guess it was just easier that way, i might not know, but i dont care, maybe it was just myself i had to fear, i guess ill never know now.... and this is how the story goes, the hurt and pain it seems to flow, my life is crashing to the ground and i dont care, but we both couldnt get it right anyway, maybe it was the best to just stay away, this is the ending to our story.. im sorry...

another scream and ill start to fall, through the emtiness of life once broken, no you cannot save me now, my head is twisted and ive been outspoken. take me to another place, theres no way out of here, my soul is hopeless my skin is bare, the sound of your voice is the air that i must breathe. im drowning in the tears that i thought would leave. oh yeah im drowning... drowning! so i wait here in the shadows, my thoughts about the life i had, trying not to complain but i think ive gone insane, just one more day and ill be home again.

even though your gone:: just when ive lost hope, and im in despair, i can always count on you, i know that youll always be there, when im depressed and lonely, your voice touches my heart, you and i will never be apart. even though your gon, i still remember, the way you lifted me up so high, and even though your gone, youll stay in my heart forever in my heart, untill the end of time. The road isnt as clear without you here, i can even see past my own falling tears, everything around me is distorted from my view, you said wed never be apart.

You Wonder:: seasons change, and you do too, wish i could see, from a diferrent view, well i walked down, this road before, never new till now, that there was more.... and you wonder, you sit and think what life would be like, if you were somebody else. dont tell them, why im gone, when there old enough , then theyll see, just look into , your pretty eyes, and youll find why, i had to say goodbye, and you wonder, why im gone, you wont understand but life goes on.

Tired Of Trying:: im still sleeping cause i cant get up, the hours float by but not enough, everything that has gone right , every time i had to pay the price. im not good enough, im not here, i cant forget these thoughts i hear, but I struggle just to survive, and im just about to... die, haha. it seems to me there is no end, to the suffering you intend, it hurts me and i cant think straight, every time i look at your pretty face.

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