Welcome, ... to the home of Need for Panic, a New Hampshire indie rock band. Please read the shows section to see when we are scheduled to play! For old news and other information go and see the info section!

Need For Panic

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u New shows coming at chantilly's and compassionate connections in Manchester, dont know when, we should know in the next week. We will be playing with a metal band called THYK at chantillys, and some other more on the heavy side bands. I updated the band section and we are still waiting to hear about the battle of the bands, the talent show, AND the cofeehouse in 2 weeks. Thats all for shows, check back later for more info.

u Hey guys, we have our first demo, and are currently distributing them. If you want one their 3$, send us an email and well hook you up. We are playing with Nixum and Theory Of Regret, on the 31st of May, its gonna be a pretty big show and were hoping for a large turnout so help us out. and come. We put some pics from the show up so check those out also.

u YEAH!, our first gig went extremely well, and if you check out the music section their are, COUNT EM, 3 downloadable songs from our demo entitled, Stretchpants and Need For Panic at TSC. its filled with oi and alternative rock. Look forward to seeing us at HotCOuch, Drifters, and that new place on Elm St. , we also have a new gig on May 31st. stay tuned for more info.

u We are playing on March 10th, so stay tuned for news about new shows! We are going to record in march, a 4 song demo, maybe 5, we arent sure. It will have those years, and you wonder on it, but were not sure what else. AND!! the guestbook is fixed so dont be a jerk when you sign the it or ill ban you from signing it. b/c im god. Thanks. Mike is working on the "music night" commitee at Hot Couch to try and get it back up, so well give you more updates as they come on about that also..

u Yeah guys, we might be playing with The Stompin Charlies on March 10th, check out the shows section for more info, this date is totally tentative though so be aware. Be are also talking about having a giant all day, all night show at the American Legion celebrating our local scene, but that is still waaaayyyyy in the works... we are also working with "The Hotcouch" to try and get bands to play again.... i dont know, keep checking back!

u The show on the 23rd is cancelled, but look forward to us playing at the Sad Cafe very shortly, if you want us to play email us ( shallow204@yahoo.com )!!

u Well, we recently heard rumors "music night" was cancelled, which is where we are playing the 23rd, but after repeated questions and attempts to contact the person in charge of music night, without a single straightforward answer, the band is assuming we are still playing and would hope to be contacted well in advance if any shows were cancelled. So we are still playing as far as any of the band s playing on the 23rd know. -- thanks.

u New vox-alist Mariel M. will sing on thursday what now guy! and buster is chillin in with us for guitar, we wrote a couple new songs they sonund good!!

u New shows added, new lyrics added, new theorys from killer andy, check it all out! Please come to our show its on the 23rd of Febuary we really need the support, our friends, NOX will be playing with us, and well be selling pins and stickers!!! Its at 972 Elm Street, everyone is welcome and its for free!!