Fu*king Vegetarians!
by Killer Andy w/ interjections by Pickle


Some people prefer not eating meat because if they do, they will get sick and die. I am not referring to these people.

I'm just writing this to get you vegetarians to start thinking a little bit more. Consider this.

We are all murderers.[-define murderers-](If you disagree, think about it for a little while longer) There's nothing that can be done about that. It's simply what we are. So all we can really do is control the degree of murder to which we commit. [-use murder the right way-]

Any sane person would agree with me that killing another person would be an atrocity. And if you notice, the lesser and lesser evolved the animals you kill, the lesser and lesser of a moral issue it is. For an example, have you ever cried over killing a unicellular protist which you can't even see? It's a living creature just as a human being is. Why shouldn't you cry? [- a unicellular protist is not a complex organism and therefore has no intelligence feelings or mantal thought patterns-]

That leads me to this, quite simply. The more ethically wrong it is to kill a creature is directly related to the evolution of the creature being killed. [- why is it related to evolution, do you mean size?-]

Going by this, it should be easy to decide what is, and what is not okay to eat, provided you have a set level of murder you're willing to commit to. Animals like fish, chicken, and turkey are animals of relatively low evolution, therefore it's not that bad to eat them. It starts getting worse and worse as you move up to developed mammals, such as cattle and pigs, which have higher evolved brains than fish and are more like us. Also, check this out. If you eat algea, it's even less worse than eating real plants. So you wanna be really good, eat krill and plankton. Mmmm.. good for the soul. Soul.. mmmm

what the f*ck!

What if some other being thought you up, and then you became conscious of yourself?

What if your thoughts became separate entities and assumed a new consciousness of their own? What if they became so powerful that they controlled our actions and made us their prisoners? What if that's happening right now as "you" label me?

What if they aren't separate entities? But rather some complicated cobweb of shit..

If space were empty, would it still be vast?