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Many creative individuals do not fit onto tradiional main-stream settings. They suffer from alienation, low self esteem, lack of confidence and isolation. The Teen Arts Center addresses the following critical issues.

tOne on One personal attention
tRecognition that the creative process is often a solitary one, thus helping to understand and value self reliance as well as apprenticeship.
Supportive Mentoring Relationships
Creative and Artistic Opportunities and Training
Expanded Educational Experiances.
Maximize Community Resources.


You Are Invited..... the art center is commited to showcasing the artwork of local young artists! If ou are interested in exhibiting your artwork and talents, please contact the Teen Art Center coordinator. We also offer art workshops, for a better grasp on the techniques that are out there. Musicians, Visual Artists, Writers, Sculptors, Painters, Actor, Singers. If you have a passion for the arts and would like to share your skills and expertise with some of Manchester's aspiring young artists, you are very cordially invited to visit the Center, or contact the Teen Arts Center Coordinator. The succes of this program will depend significantly on the ammount of community support that is given. Any donation or gift in kind would certainly be appreciated. You may be recognized as an Art Center Supporter in a number of ways: sponsership recognition, logo recognition in all promotional materials and of course, all donations are tax-deductable. And by the way you'll be helping out some really great kids.